7 Tips Monetize your Blog For making money

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How do you monetize your blog? That is, how to make money with his blog? No matter what your business, whether you have a showcase site or an e-commerce site, you know you need a blog to gain natural referencing and visibility. If you have a blog, you can monetize it, this will allow you to earn an income supplement that can go up to several thousand euros each month.

Influence: the ultimate condition for monetizing your blog

First of all, you have to wonder what you have to sell with your blog. Mainly, it’s your influence.

7 Tips Monetize your Blog For making money

What’s the point of advertisers paying you?

  • Take advantage of your blog’s visibility: its traffic and notoriety
  • Improve its digital presence: its natural referencing, its visibility on social networks
  • Improve its credibility and brand image: through blogs and their community, brands become more close to their customers.
  • Reach a targeted audience: an already acquired audience that is not to be created.
  • Simply sell

Of course, you’re not going to do a promo for a competitor but why not for a complementary business.

You will understand, to monetize his blog, you have to have a minimum of influence. To make money with his blog, you must already have a blog that holds the road, ie a blog with a lot of content at first.

Arriving at module 4 of the “WordPress Reference” training,you know how to reference your website on Google and how to create a community on social networks:

  • Your site does a lot of traffic from Google
  • Your main social network makes a lot of commitment
  • You already have some backlinks (recommendations)

All of this is very expensive. We’re talking about influence here because that’s what you’re going to become with your blog – a micro-influencer of the web.

Concretely, if you already have a blog that holds the road, you have done the hardest. Now let’s see 7 tips to make money with.


7 tips to monetize your blog


Sponsored links

This is for me the best way to monetize his blog without being a great influencer. We are talking about natural referencing. By contacting you, brands simply want to get a quality backlink to their site. By working well on your netlinking, you will have a better natural referencing but you can also sell links.

How’s it going? Companies in your sector (non-competitive) will contact you to add a link to their site in an old or new blog post.

What’s in it for them? First, it increases their natural referencing. They do what you need to do to build your own website: find links on other sites. Second, it brings them additional traffic.

The little plus: you don’t need to have a lot of traffic, only a good Trust and Quote Flow. Also, it takes 2 minutes to add a link, it won’t take you much time.

The little less: you have to be very careful with Google which does not like artificial links. So you need to limit the number of sponsored links and links should be as natural as possible, especially at the anchor and landing page. Many brands will ask you to lay a very commercial anchor. Always refuse by lee lecture them on good SEO practices.

How much can you earn? There isn’t really a basic fare but in my experience, you can start monetizing your site from a 10/100 Trust Flow.

  • TF of 10 – 100-150/link
  • TF de 15 = 200-250€/lien
  • TF de 20 = 400-600€/lien

Conditions for setting up sponsored links:

  • Prices double if the link is on the home page of the site.
  • You can limit the life of a link (1 year) to make the brand pay again the following year.


Sponsored items

Similar to sponsored links, it’s about writing an article on your blog to promote a product or service of a brand. In this article, there will be links to the customer’s website. This is a very good way to earn more money with his blog.

How’s it going? You can write an article about the product or service in question or simply write a “normal” article and add one or more links in it to the brand’s website. Either you write the article or the brand provides you with one. I usually recommend writing the article yourself in order to have full control over the content.

What’s in it for them? Better than a simple link, an article centered on their product or service is a big plus for their notoriety.

What’s more: In case the advertiser only wants a link in a new article, you can charge more than a sponsored link for the same basic job.

The little less: you have to be careful of brands that abuse and want too commercial anchors or items too turned on the sale. First and foremost, think about your readers and provide them with quality content.

How much can you earn? starting at $300 for a 10/100 TF. This is for me the most efficient way to monetize his blog.

Conditions for the implementation of sponsored items:

  • Be careful not to lose your identity. The reader must not be lost, and always think first of the well-being of your business. The article should not harm you.
  • I advise you to always write the sponsored article yourself and never publish an article that is given to you. They are always bad qualities.
  • Don’t hesitate to set your own rules for writing the article, don’t let the brand tell you what to do.

For links and sponsored articles, you can even go through specialized dating sites such as:



Several sites like Kickstarter allow you to finance a project through donations. You’d be surprised, but it works. You can, for example, see the blog project “Around the World of My Feet” which raised more than 2000 euros for his world tour. The bigger your community, the more money you will raise.

You can go through sites like:


Selling your own products or services

Today considered the best way to monetize his blog, selling his products mostly translates into ebooks or online video training. It’s super profitable, very simply because it costs nothing to produce, it’s just profit.

This will not necessarily be suitable for all websites but for almost all domains, you can put for sale an ebook on your blog. Once your SEO is in place and a community on social networks, it will sell like hotcakes, it also allows you to strengthen your credibility and retain customers.

Many bloggers also start selling their own service such as creating a blog, managing social networks or even writing. Some even launch into e-commerce, such as the blog Bonnes Gueules, which now sells menswear.


Products Review

A very good way to monetize your blog, it’s not about money but gifts that a brand sends you, you test it and write an article on it to recommend it to your readers. If you have a big traffic and the gift at a low monetary value you can even negotiate to earn some extra money.

For example, I was able to test the SEO SEranking tool for 6 months in exchange for a blog post (currently being written).

We already talked aboutit, it’s something you can do on your side to make yourself known but you can also agree to do product tests on your own blog. It’s a good way to get gifts but above all to increase your community’s commitment.

To perform a product test, keep working on your natural referencing and wait for the emails to arrive. Alternatively, you can apply for a product test yourself. In this case, monetizing your blog requires a gift rather than money.



Here’s a big case. There are many ways to do affiliation. Affiliation is selling other people’s products to earn a percentage on sale. That’s what I do with my article on the Systeme.io tool. The most well-known company is Amazon. When you talk about a product on your blog, you can link to a product and earn a commission on all the user’s purchases.

Moreover, affiliation also allows you to sell brand products via banners or links, promo codes…

You can use affiliation to sell your own products also, it’s also good for natural referencing. This part may be the subject of a new course in the WordPress Reference course.

The little minus: You need a lot of traffic to properly monetize your blog, at least 10,000 monthly visitors.

To make affiliation, you can use platforms like Amazon partners, Zanox, Agoda for marketplaces or Affilae.com (the best in my opinion).


Advertising in private deals

This is the same principle as Google Adsense, the Google board that allows you to rent location on your blog to advertise. Only there you are going to have control over the advertising that appears. You will simply negotiate with a brand a certain visual and a certain message so that it is most suited to your persona and the design of your blog. This is a very good way to monetize his blog. You can get paid at the clique or for a certain period of time.

Again, you have to have a lot of traffic. Be careful not to abuse advertisements and pop-ups of any kind. Always keep in mind that the user experience should be encouraged.


How do you monetize your blog in practice?

In most cases, monetize a blog it comes on its own,you don’t have to prospect to find advertisers (but you can), in general they come to you. When I launched Work From Home Legit Job in 2021, the first brand contacted me after 2 months of existence.


The best way to monetize a blog is to work your SEO,the ergonomics of your blog, your articles and your social networks. If do the job, the marks will come to you automatically.

The first contact of the brands will be to send you an email via your contact form. An email to tell you that your blog is superb and that they loved your last articles (Fake – they haven’t read anything). At first, you will often be asked for a link exchange or an article exchange.

Always refuse and suggest the insertion of a sponsored link or article.

Did you like this article? Now it’s up to you to play by putting together one of these tricks quickly.

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